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    Plain Cross Head Brass Oil Lamp
    Plain Cross Head Brass Oil Lamp

Plain Cross Head Brass Oil Lamp (Kurishuvilakku)

Product Code: MYSHPMCFT57

Oil lamp resembles the nilavilakku or floor lamp traditionally used in Hindu temples and homes. It has a circular base, a tall stem with ringed turnings culminating in a broad oil well. However, the elongated finial that surmounts the nilavilakku is replaced in this example by the Cross associated with the Jacobite Syrian Christian community. Oil lamps or vilakkus, a ubiquitous element in Hindu temples, domestic shrines, and homes were incorporated into the rituals of early Christian converts in Kerala, a telling example of enculturation. The lamps used in Christian households, especially in St Thomas traditions, are often identical in form and crafted using the same processes as their traditional Hindu counterparts and are also lit during the daily prayers held each morning and evening. Brass lamps may also be placed in the front of the house during church festivals and on days when religious processions are held.

  • Category: Traditional Brass Oil Lamp/ Brass Utensil
  • Design: Traditional design
  • Material:  Brass
  • Colour: Golden  
  • Status: New
  • Delivery Time: 3 to 10 days 
  • Shipping: Free of Cost (All over India)

(3-10 days needed for completing the product. If the product is already in the stock, we will dispatch it as soon as possible)

How to Prevent Tarnish? 
If you want to prevent tarnish, keep your bronze item stored or displayed in an area with low humidity and protected from dust and other corrosives. Avoid handling the item with bare hands, and don’t let the bronze piece come into contact with paint or fabrics. If you are storing the item, wrap it in plastic or put it in a plastic bag — the more airtight the better. Bronze can be varnished or lacquered. Once thoroughly cleaned and lacquered, they will stay bright and tarnish-free. We have undertaken all types of brass artifacts for lacquer polishing with respective orders. If you use lacquer polish you prevent it from places like coastal areas, high humidity, high air pollution, frequently touching areas and also don't fire oil lamps for lighting or cookware for cooking. Lacquer coated artifacts are commonly used for decoration. So artifacts that have regular users are not fit for lacquer coating.

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