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    Dancing Nataraja Statue 18 inch

Handicraft Wooden Dancing Nataraja (Lord Shiva) Sculpture

The King of Dance - Nataraja. Nataraja or Nataraj depicts the third god of Hindus – Lord Shiva. In this avatar, Shiva – who is believed to be the destroyer of all evils is shown in the form of a divine dancer performing his dance. The dance signifies putting an end to an exhausted world and signaling the creation of a new world by the Lord Brahma, the first god responsible for the creation of the universe. In this wooden sculpture, Lord Shiva is seen dancing in a ring of flames while lifting his left leg and is seen balancing on the demon that is believed to signify his ignorance. That is – when Shiva comes as Nataraj he is on his own, without any fear of any evils, or any obstacles. Nataraj is always depicted with his four hands. A cobra (snake) uncoils from his lower right forearm. The upper right-hand holds a “Damru”, a small drum shaped instrument. The second right hand is in ‘Abhayamudra’ meaning protection against evil and ignorance. The upper left hand contains fire, symbolizing destruction. The second left-hand points towards the raised foot which signifies liberation.

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