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    Pulluvan Paattu (പുള്ളുവൻ പാട്ട്)

Pulluvan Paattu (പുള്ളുവൻ പാട്ട്) Kerala Mural Painting

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Pulluvan Pattu is a form of serpent worship performed by both the lower castes and higher castes, in addition to serpent temples. The pulluvar of Kerala is closely connected to serpents. They consider the snake gods their presiding deities and perform sacrifices and sing songs. A Pulluvan is a male member (female Pulluvatti) of a low caste group called Pulluvar. The term pullu means a bird of omen. The term pulluvan means ‘a person who predicts from the sound of birds’. 

There are many sub-divisions of the Pulluva community. The majority among them are called Nagampatikal (people who sing snake-songs). There are pulluvars who are not Naagampatikal. They are known as Pretampatikal (people who sing ghost songs). The women of the houses where the ritual takes place performs the serpent dance (Sarpam Thullal) at the Mulluthara Devi Temple.

Please note that this product is hand painted. Any variations or irregularities are part of the design and inherent to the production process. There might be a slight variation in colour.

You Can Book An Artist 

1. Mural Painting.

2. Sculpture Artist.

3. Oil Painting. 

4. Airbrush Painting.


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