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Nettipattam Small

Product Code: MYSHPMCFT-TCR37

Caparisons used to adorn elephants during traditional religious processions, are also used as decoration pieces in homes and offices. Traditionally made of Copper and Gold, we provide a high-quality polymer made alternative without compromising on the aesthetics. The beads are attached through stitched by our eminent workers. Handcrafted Traditional Nettipattams are available in various sizes and specifications. Our Clients can buy it from us at competitive prices in standard as well as customized shapes and sizes as per their requirements. Each intricately carved nettipattam is custom-made exclusively for the purchaser and takes the master craftsman around 10 days to visualize and co-create this traditional wall hanger in the authentic Kerala artistic tradition. It can only be custom-made, i.e. handcrafted to a specific size on order.

  • Category: Home Decor
  • Design: Traditional design
  • Material:  Brass
  • Status: New
  • Delivery Time: 3 to 10 days 
  • Shipping: Free of Cost (All over India)

Height of golden part in feet End to end height in feet
1 1.5
1.25 1.75
1.5 2.25
2 3
2.25 3.25
2.5 3.75
3 4
3.5 4.5
4 5
4.5 6

(3-10 days needed for completing the product. If the product is already in the stock, we will dispatch it as soon as possible)

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